How it works with

We receive a cooperating commission being offered by the
seller and we share a portion of that commission with you.
You receive a rebate at closing of up to 1% of the purchase
price. It’s that simple. Use the rebate to pay closing costs, to
purchase furniture or any way you see fit. The rebate amount
may vary depending on your specifics needs, please call one
of our real estate professionals for more details.

Note: We cannot represent you if you have already viewed a
property or if you have signed an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency
Agreement with another real estate broker. In order for you to receive up
to a 1% rebate, it must be clear that our real estate company
is representing you in the transaction. Certain restrictions

Need additional information, contact a member of our team who will be glad to assist you.

Call us at: 800-501-9936